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The You-create-Beauty Vision

The Passion.

We are now living in a world where words and phrases such as sustainability, clean, healthy and saving the future of the Earth are integral to our existence. We are coming to terms with the fact that as an ever-growing global population, the demand for natural resources is far greater than the overall supply. From the excess use of crude oil to create environmentally-damaging plastics to the process of deforestation to build mass developments, our planet is falling into potentially a desperate condition. Is it now the responsibility of all industries to make more considerate decisions about their products and services, to ensure the wellbeing of mother Earth and its inhabitants, now and in the future.

Traditional methods of developing products for the wellness and beauty industry has turned to an arms race to add more and more exotic and processed ingredients to get ahead of a crowded competitive market place. This naturally endangers, drains and exploits our scarce resources at the expense of many living organisms.

The good news is that as we become more socially aware through the power of social media, we are now becoming savvier by staying informed about what is genuinely good for us and the planet, and therefore exercise our rights for earth-friendly solutions which in many instances harks to latter-day discoveries.

As writer about beauty and a keen advocate of healthy beauty, I asked myself what is out there for me to help address these drivers for more conscious and clean beauty, instead of an oversaturated market with all the same styled products, that is potentially sourced or contains chemicals, that can do us harm in the long-run. The answer was, very little. With this conclusion, I recognised that there was a gap in the market for a brand that can combine the rising demand for healthy beauty and the ease to reach informed customers across the world. Today e-commerce presents an opportunity to propel this growing movement for an ethical and sustainable future.

The Inspiration.

Having embarked on a self-study of the ancient Indian principles and practice of the science of Ayurveda and taking inspiration from my Indian upbringing, I came to understand that everyday oils, herbs and spices will do more good for the skin, body and hair as opposed to mass-made, chemically-manufactured products. This is an ancient application of knowhow passed down generations, that has proven to show results.

As a young woman with sensitivities to several different skincare, bodycare and haircare products out there, it was essential for me to find a better solution for beauty care. I learned that more and more women of all demographics faced similar issues and therefore it was imperative that I designed a healthy beauty brand that was simple, transparent and creative.

With You-create-Beauty, I want to breakdown the complexities in beauty by giving power and choice back to you the consumer and allowing you to create products that you can develop and trust.

Why not take ingredients and techniques that have been used and have worked for thousands of years in India, and share it with the rest of the world?

Combining these age-old practices and knowledge with the reach of e-commerce, natural and ethically sourced ingredients will be delivered to your doorstep for you to then create your own products and see the results manifest themselves.

With a set of easy guidelines and a few simple ingredients, I know I can transform your view on healthy beauty by giving you the chance to learn, create and love your own products. It's time to pursue the path of healthy beauty in a more basic, innovative and earth-friendly way so that we can all enjoy and benefit from it, today and tomorrow!