You-create-Beauty | The DIY Beauty Box Giving You The Creative Power

The Journey to Your Beauty Creation

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Step 1

Setup your quarterly subscription to You-create-Beauty.

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Step 2

Setup your bespoke beauty recipe subscription by taking the My Energy test. It will identify your body constitution and in turn the recipe variant that will work for you.

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Step 3

Have your beauty recipe kit box delivered to your door.

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Step 4

Start to create your beauty recipes using the ingredients, tools and guidelines provided with ease and transparency.

The Tools for your beauty creation

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Your bespoke beauty recipe kit box.

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With your box, you will receive your mixing tools to create your bespoke beauty recipes.

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Your ingredients packaged according to each recipe chosen.

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Luxury packaging to dispense your beauty recipes into.

Your DIY Beauty Recipe Composition

The Unique

Ingredients that you wouldn't consider in conventional skincare, bodycare and haircare.

The Essential

Ingredients that have concentrated health properties and impart a beautiful aroma.

The Carrier

Ingredients that ensure your skin, body and hair are protected from the concentrated nature of the unique and essential elements, but that also provide all the nutrients your skin, body and hair need.

The Longevity

Ingredients that will help your beauty product last.

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